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Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Putri Nyale

According to the tale that in ancient times on the south coast of Lombok island there is a kingdom called Tonjang Beru. Surroundings in this kingdom made the room - huge room. This room is used for meetings king - king. Beru Tonjang country is ruled by a king who was famous for wisdom and discretion King was named king by queen goddess Tonjang Beru Seranting.Sire has a daughter, named Princess Mandalika. When the princess adulthood, very good-looking. He was very graceful and beautiful. His eyes were like like a star in the east. His cheeks were like Pauh dilayang. Virgin hair is like unraveling. In addition to the graceful and beautiful she famously friendly and polite. Language said softly. That's what makes the princess became the pride of the people.All the people are very proud to have a wise and prudent king who wanted to help people in distress. Thanks to all the help from the king of the people of the country Tonjang Beru a prosperous, secure and prosperous. Beauty and elegance of Princess Mandalika very famous from the east end to the west end of the island of Lombok. Beauty and elegance of the princess heard by the princes - princes of the earth that splits out Sasak (Lombok). Each - each of the Johor royal, consolation, Pane, Kuripan, Daha, and Beru kingdom. The prince in the fall cintar. They look lovelorn beauty and elegance of the princess.They each made a second fortune, who could marry Princess Mandalika. What a feeling of power with all its subtle, Princess Mandalika rejected. The prince so bite the fingers. Two prince is furious to accept it. They are Prince Datu Cadet and Prince Maliawang. Each - each of the Johor royal and royal consolation. Cadet Datu Bawal sent Arya and Arya Tebuik to apply, with the threat of the destruction of the kingdom Tonjang Beru when the proposal rejected. Prince Maliawang send Bumbang Arya and Arya Tuna with intent and similar threats.

Princess Mandalika not budge. Datu necessarily Teruna release senggeger Utusaning God, being Maliawang blow Senggeger Net Sutra. The efficacy of both these senggeger unmitigated eyes Mandalika daughter, faces two princes came together. I can not eat, can not sleep, the princess finally emaciated. The whole country Tonjang Beru disaput grief.Why did the princess refused an application? Because, in addition to his love must talk, he also feels a responsibility not small. There will be a disaster when his daughter decided to throw in one of his prince. In meditation, the princess gets wangsit to invite all the princes in the meeting on the 20th of the month 10 (month Sasak) in the morning - early morning before the dawn call to prayer rang out. They must be accompanied by all their people - respectively. All the invitees are asked to come and hang out at the beach of Kuta. Unexpectedly - guess six princes came, and the people who come, thousands of them. The beach is visited is mobbed like ants.There came two days before the day appointed by the princess. Children - children to grandparents - my grandfather came at the invitation of the princess on the ground. Apparently they want to see how the princess will determine his choice. Visitors flock - flock from all over the island of Lombok. And they gathered with heart patiently waiting for the presence of the princess.Yes as promised. The princess appeared before adzan. Just as the sky reddened in the east, the beautiful and graceful princess comes with using a stretcher carried a gold encrusted. Royal soldiers walk on the left, on the right, and behind the princess. It was a tight guard. All invitations are waiting days and - the day could only stare beauty and elegance of the princess. The princess comes with a very beautiful dress. The material is of very fine silk fabric.Not long after, the princess walked, and then stopped at the heap of stone, his back to the open sea. Mandalika daughter standing there and then he turned to the whole invitation. The princess spoke briefly, but the content is solid, announced his decision in a loud voice to the cry:? Dear father and mother, and all the princes and peoples of the Beru Tonjang I love. Today I have established that I am for you all. I can not select one of the princes. Due to this destiny wanted me to be Nyale you can enjoy with the month and date when the emergence Nyale at sea level.??Simultaneously and end the word - the word of the princes of the people are confused, too confused and asked - asked think the word - the word. Unexpectedly - guess the princess threw something down on a rock and threw himself into the sea immediately swallow the waves accompanied by strong winds, lightning and thunder boomed.No sign - a sign of the princess is in place. By the time they came on the confusion of small animals whose numbers are now very much known as Nyale. The animal-shaped marine worms. They alleged that the animal incarnation of the princess. Then roll in - race crowded they take the animal as much - much to be enjoyed as a sense of love and well as fine dining or other purposes.That story Nyale smell. Arrest Nyale a tradition down - generation on the island of Lombok. At the event, held on Bau Nyale today, they are from the afternoon they were going to catch Nyale gathered on the beach to fill the show with peresean, make camp and filled the evening with a variety of traditional arts such as Betandak (unrequited rhyme), Bejambik (gift giving eye to the lover), and Belancaran (cruise by boat). And do not miss too, held a colossal drama Princess Mandalika Seger coast.************ach date twenty tenth month in a Sasak calendar or five days after the full moon, just before dawn on the beaches of Central Lombok regency Seger always interesting events take place visited by many people including tourists. The event was called Bau Nyale interesting. The smell of the Sasak language means catching. While Nyale, a type of marine worm that lives in the hole - a hole in the rock below sea level.Locals believe Nyale have such good luck that can bring prosperity to those who appreciate and harm to those who underestimate him.?? That evolved over the years,?? Then Wirekarme said that once served as Deputy Marketing Department of Tourism Central Lombok.The tradition caught Nyale (Sasak language of Bau Nyale) believed to arise from the influence of the state of nature and patterns of life of the farmers who have a fundamental belief of the greatness of God, created the universe and everything in it including Anelida like animals called Nyale. Appearance in South Lombok beach marked with the magic of nature as God's grace upon this creature.Some time before Nyale out at night torrential rain interspersed with lightning and thunder boomed accompanied by very strong winds. Estimated on the fourth day after the full moon, the night before Nyale way out, the rain subsided, replaced with rain patter - patter, the atmosphere became so calm, in the early hours Nyale began appearing rolling - roll with the waves thundering beach break, and as quickly Nyale gradually - gradually disappear from the surface of the ocean with the crack of dawn on the eastern horizon.In this activity looks the most prominent is the function of solidarity and togetherness within the community that can be maintained for supporting the continuity of traditional culture.Nyale wonders for Lombok Sasak tribe has created a tale of events that spread almost throughout Lombok and surrounding society. Fairytale is very attractive with a very romantic story and the narrative develops through people - parents who then arranged in the text of the legend Nyale.

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